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Nicekitty is:

  • Chris. Guitars, keys, sounds, backup vocals, connections, music music music.
  • Ilen. Vocals, legs, post-feminist angst, words words words.
  • Craig. Bass, tambourine, pennywhistle, coffee, generally keeping things on track.

In late 2003 Chris and Craig, who had played together in local, electro-industrial band, SysEx, started out joking about band names and ended up starting a new project.

Enlisting the help of Ilen on vocals the trio got to work writing music. The combination of Ilen’s lyrics–by turns witty, political, and occasionally darker and introspective–with Chris’s electronically anchored music took on a shape both original, and immediately ear catching. With their ever increasing popularity it was a forgone conclusion that soon the NSA would be listening in on their phone conversations and intercepting their email communications. Despite just missing the NSA’s top 10 most dangerous unknown rock bands list, Nicekitty continues to flaunt their undeniable hookiness in the faces of all enemies of freedom… see them soon before it is too late.